You are ready to put your home on the market… congratulations! The home photos that will showcase your home on-line need to look exceptional and that means three very important things need to happen: declutter, staging and finally professional photography.

Decluttering can be quite a task unless you’re a minimalist, but unfortunately most of us are not. Our homes are well lived in, full of memories and love that can become a distraction to potential buyers. That’s a beautiful thing but we need to help a new family see the vision of their future memories which is where the decluttering necessity comes in. Take down the family photos, remove most everything other than decorator items from the kitchen counters, put away items in cabinets and drawers, arrange rooms to showcase as much space and purpose as possible. Did you get a wild hair and paint a room a distracting and bold color? Now is the time to paint that room something more neutral. We don’t want our buyers to be so distracted by your “stuff” and personal taste that they can’t see the house.

We have preferred stagers that can consult with you as well, help rearrange your own furniture, or if vacant, stage the property for you. Each property is unique in its own special way and requires different strategies. Overall, think “less is more”.

Professional photography is our main way to communicate the details and features of your home to the audience looking for properties on the internet. First impressions do matter. We do not skimp on photography, in fact we utilize our dedicated in-house photographer for each of our listings. We ensure the highest quality photography and we intend to wow you and potential buyers with our first impressions!